Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What is
A: Wish Bucket is an e-commerce initiative of Wish Bucket Pvt. Ltd.

Q2: Can I return a product after 7 days?
A: You have to initiate a return process within 7 days of delivery. Unfortunately, after 7 days, we won't be able to accept return requests.

Q3: Do you deliver at the doorstep?
A: Yes we deliver all over Pakistan.

Q4: Do you work on the COD method?
A: Yes we support the COD method (Cash On Delivery)

Q5: Do you accept online transfers or credit cards?
A: Yes we accept credit cards and transfers through online banking.

Q6: How many days it takes to deliver?
A: It may take 3-5 working days to reach your doorstep.

Q7: Do you verify orders?
A: Yes, before processing any order our customer service team will call you on your mentioned cell phone number to verify the order.

Q8: What if getting a broken Product?
A: No worries, you will get the new product in exchange.

Q9: Are there any delivery charges?
A: As we do not include the delivery expense in the product price, so yes we charge Rs.195 in the account of delivery (Nationwide).

Q10: Do I have to pay for shipping charges when returning a product?
A: No, you don't have to pay for shipping charges when returning a product.