Nexton Baby Rash-off Powder
Nexton Baby Rash-off Powder

Nexton Baby Rash-off Powder

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Nexton Baby Rash-off powder creates a moisture barrier that keeps baby’s skin from being irritated. It works in three ways by preventing, treating and softening your little one’s skin. It is effective for adults in inflammation & itching on skin areas like inner thighs, waist, butocks, under side of breast, armpits, toes and fingers
Reduces Friction on Skin.
Prevents Skin from Dryness.
Helps in preventing infections & skin irritation.
Also Beneficial for adults.
Nourishes, Soften & Moisturize.
Makes Skin Bright and Fair.
Extra Mild for All type of Skin.
Keep powder away from children’s.
Long Lasting.